Constipation demystified

Fact: There are many myths out there about constipation. Here are a few of them.


Myth 01

All laxatives taste bad.

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Fact 01

The Lax-A powder and tablet products are flavourless.


Myth 02

Laxatives make you pass gas.

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Fact 02

The average person passes gas 13 to 21 times per day, but not all laxatives increase gas.


Myth 03

You can’t take laxatives when you’re taking prescription medication.

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Fact 03

Laxatives of any kind should be taken two hours before or after prescription meds to ensure that you don’t reduce the desired effect of the latter. Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using a new medication.


Myth 04

Laxatives are habit-forming.

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Fact 04

Overuse or extended use of any laxative may cause dependence for bowel function and should not be taken for more than one week unless recommended by a physician.


Myth 05

After taking a laxative, you should stay near a toilet until it kicks in.

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Fact 05

That depends on the type of laxative you take. The Lax-A family has treatment options for immediate relief, overnight relief, daily use and a gentler option that doesn’t trigger an uncomfortable or urgent need to go.


Myth 06

Laxatives in pill form are the most practical.

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Fact 06

What's practical for one person isn’t practical for another. The Lax-A family provides oral powders, coated tablets and rectal enemas to accommodate a range of needs.


Myth 07

Laxatives that work overnight are the most effective and reliable.

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Fact 07

Overnight laxatives can be the best option for some people, as they are generally effective in triggering bowel movements the following morning, but they are a stronger form of treatment and can cause abdominal discomfort.


Myth 08

Constipation always means that you need more fibre.

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Fact 08

Constipation can be triggered by different factors including a lack of exercise or a change in your lifestyle. If you have an unbalanced diet and you’re not getting enough fluids and/or fibre, you may suffer from constipation. Ask your pharmacist for the best way to find relief.

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